The other voice

The strange disappearance of the Dr Cagliostro curator in 1968

On June 11th 1968 Dr Cagliostro’s Curator, known as A.M, and his assistant disappeared without a trace from their headquarters near Stockholm, Sweden. The only traces were a strange letter and a short account of the incident written by A.Ms assistant just before his own disappearance:

A report written in haste… This might be the last thing that I write, since I seem to be caught in a horrifying series of events that I can’t find any way of understanding or avoiding at this moment.

Moments ago I went into A.Ms study, only to find it empty. On his desk was an unopened letter addressed to A.M.

The envelope revealed that the letter was sent from Umedalens Insane Asylum, about 600 kilometres north of Stockholm. The address was written with a shaky handwriting that looked strangely familiar. 

I opened the envelope and found a short note written in the same shaky handwriting as the address. The note read:

"During the many years they have kept me here, my doctors have denied me any contact with the outside. But finally I have persuaded one of my guards to smuggle out this letter, and I hope by the Gods that it reaches you in time. Don’t go down to the cellar! Even though you hear my voice, it isn’t me calling for you!"

 The note was dated the day before the present and signed by… Me.

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