Holy Water Injector

Failed werewolf hunter's weapon
vampire slayer.

By O.H

This strange contraption was originally commissioned in the early 1890th by British explorer and big game hunter Frederick Courteney Selous. 

Frederick Courteney Selous 1891. Frederick Courteney Selous 1891.
After Selous death in 1917, a close anonymous source revealed that the device was intended  for hunting a creature known as "Ilmu" among the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya and "Bultunginin" in the old Kanuri language of the former Bornu Empire. This creature is very similar to the European werewolf.

Selous was convinced that several specimens of this strange creature was haunting the area north of the Transvaal region and south of the Congo Basin.

The idea was to kill this creature by injecting it with silver nitrate. For obvious reasons, trying to stab a werewolf in close range is a bad idea, and the concept was abandoned. 

German vampire hunter and folklorist Max Müller however came up with the idea of using the device for injecting dormant vampires with holy water. The first field tests in the summer of 1895 was very successful, and the Holy Water Auto Injector became very popular among European vampire hunters.

The device can be loaded with about 2 CCs of liquid that can be injected in a target through a large needle. The liquid is injected by pressing the device towards the target once the needle has entered the body. This can usually be accomplished with a single stab. 

Although the device has proven to be able to kill a werewolf, it has killed even more werewolf hunters.


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