Dead Voices

A spiritualistic Demonstration

Occult investigator and writer Oskar H Hejll demonstrates necromantic tools and technics in an exciting and frightening performance. A performance that takes the audience on a strange walk in the borderline between the known and the unknown. 

Dead Voices is produced by Kompani Bastard.

Technical rider & prices Dead Voices.

Audience capacity: Minimum 6 and maximum 50 people.

Performance area: 3,5 x 3,5 meter

Free height: Minimum 2 meters.

Electricity: A 230-volt outlet. NOTICE: we use a Swedish standard cord, but if yours differs, we have a converter between most systems.

Other requirements: Seats for the audience. Table for the preformer with the minimum measurements 120 X 120 cm.

Set up: 2 hours.

Strike: 1 hours.

Price: 600 euros, or 6000 Swedish Kronor.

Upon booking 2 shows on same sight and the same or, consecutive days: 400 euros a day, or 4000 Swedish Kronor.

Upon booking 3 or more shows on same sight and the same or, consecutive days: 350 euros a day, or 3500 Swedish Kronor.

Prices do not include VAT or travel expenses. Dr. Cagliostro┬┤s Cabinet of Curiosities usually resides in Stockholm, Sweden.

Please contact us for more information.